Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö is the COGAIN 2020 invited speaker

COGAIN 2020 keynote:  What a difference a ‘Gaze’ makes
by Kati and Henning van der Hoeven

Photo of Kati and Henning

Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö is an Author, Speaker, Blogger, Vlogger, and a Model.

Kati is a board member of COGAIN, an ambassador for Miss Wheelchair World, and an honorary ambassador/vice-president of SpecialEffect UK.

Kati is also almost entirely paralyzed. She has had LIS (Locked-In Syndrome) since 1995. Everything Kati has done in her life despite being paralyzed is with the use of technology. To be more precise, she has been to reach so far is by using communication devices that were created to help the less abled.

In her talk, “What a difference a ‘Gaze’ makes”, Kati is going to tell about how she uses the various devices. What being able to have the technology that helps her do everything means to her. And, what are the challenges and what can be done to take on these issues.

Since ACM ETRA 2020 was cancelled, Kati’s talk will be published as a video and she will also join the COGAIN 2020 virtual session.

Please, join the virtual session, and do not miss out on the talk of this incredible woman!

Teaser of the keynote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69Xc8wU0Gg

To find more about Kati, visit her website: http://katilepisto.fi/en/