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This is my first post on this forum. I am a software developer working for the eye tracker manufacturer (ASL).

I think before deciding on the interface specs we need to settle on the technology that the future API will use. Is it going to be Microsoft COM (not compatible with Linux or MAC)? I have seen posts here calling for the technology that will be compatible with everything - can you be more specific? It would be great to have an API that can work with any client software, never lose data even at high speed like 300 Hz, provide callbacks to the client code etc. However if it is not possible (which i suspect), let's decide upfront what we are going to sacrifice.

I vote for COM because COM objects can be used by applications other than traditional programs, such as Matlab. I will be glad to present for the discussion the COM interface that ASL presently provides for the access to real time eye tracking data. However if anyone can make a case for open source or something else I would like to hear it. After all not supporting MAC and Linux and requiring from our clients to understand COM technology is a big limitation.

Gregory Khrapunovich
Senior Software Engineer
Applied Science Laboratories

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