Which systems can tolerate involuntary movements?

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Hi everybody!

I wonder if the eye control systems can track the eyes if I cannot sit still. How much movement can they tolerate?

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Re: Which systems can tolerate involuntary movements?

Hi there! I've used the Tobii systems and they can tolerate 'moderate' head movement of perhaps 20-30cm side to side, and maybe 10cm in and out in front of them, though no trackers are very good if you have very rapid head movements. I'd say if it took 1-2 seconds to move your head 30cm they would cope just fine, but for more rapid or perhaps 'uncontrolled' head movements you might need to try one to see if it works Ok for you. Anyone else have any input? Best wishes, Richard

Mick Donegan
Re: Which systems can tolerate involuntary movements?

This is a very topical question right now. It's a very exciting time - suddenly, several systems are available that will cope with involuntary movement to a greater or lesser extent at a wide range of prices. It's well worth checking out the ALEA Intelligaze, the MyTobii, the SeeTech from HumanElectronik as well as the TM3 from EyeTech. I may well have missed out some because things are changing so quickly - if so, apologies - I'd be really grateful for input from the relevant manufacturers. All the best - Mick Donegan.