Free Eye Trackers - Any good?

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Linking to the two Eye Tracker Game Programming Competitions running presently - can anyone recommend a good functional Eye Tracker program that is cheap or (better still) free to use.

This could really help programmers without an expensive Eye Tracker to get an idea of if their game will work out or not.

I know there is a list here:

Would be great to hear anyone's views on these or any others.

(And the competitions are:


RETRO REMAKES (Game For Helen):


Re: Free Eye Trackers - Any good?


Seems there still aren't any freely available eye trackers which would be easy to use. However, research on this area continues so maybe soon there will be one.

Here's a development that may be of interest to you, developed at the IT University of Copenhagen:
Gazetyping on large projected displays,
see the demo on YouTube at

Re: Free Eye Trackers - Any good?

We hope to able to have a free-ware version of the eye tracking software ready for release at CHI09

Download available
Re: Free Eye Trackers - Any good?

Please visit to download the software package. We encourage you to to try it out and send us feedback. The package is released as open source. Full source code is provided and modifications are encouraged.