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Had a conversation at tea tonight with my son (10yr old My Tobii user) and not sure how we got onto the topic but he would like something like a Big Mac that he could activate a message like "I have something to say" or just a noise to alert people by looking at it. Something small enough to be readily available in a variety of locations like on the arm of a wheelchair or on the wall by the bed.Just wondering if such a thing already exists or if its an area COGAIN is looking at. I can see that it would be something that would have an application for a lot of eye gaze users as VOCA's are still difficult to use in some situations.

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Re: Eye Gaze single message device


seems nobody knows of any device like that, since nobody has replied.

I know Roel Vertegaal's group at the Human Media Lab at Queen's University has done a lot of research using fairly low cost "eye contact sensors" which do not analyze the direction of gaze but only recognize if or not someone is looking at the sensor. For the sensor, they have developed a bunch of demos for home appliances which "know" if someone is looking at them and can thus know when someone is talking to them. E.g., a lamp that reacts to a gaze at it + a spoken command "on" or "off" but that will not listen to any command if the eye sensor is not active. Similarly, a TV/movie player can pause when nobody is watching etc. An overview of related research can be found e.g. in this paper that is available online as http://www.cs.uta.fi/hci/gaze/docs/Hyrskykari-HCII2005.pdf .

I personally also think such an "eye aware" (not gaze direction aware) sensor could easily be built by our work package 5 members, but of course building a prototype is a totally different from making a robust product, and making it commercially available, I guess the price is a big factor. In any case, I think the idea is brilliant!

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