The 5th COGAIN Annual Conference on
Communication by Gaze Interaction

COGAIN 2009:
Gaze Interaction For Those Who Want It Most

26 May 2009
The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
In connection with the Visionday event


The 5th international COGAIN conference on eye gaze interaction emphasises user needs and future applications of eye tracking technology. Robust gaze interaction methods have been available for some years, with substantial amounts of applications to support communication, learning and entertainment already being used. However, there are still some uncertainties about this new technology among communication specialists and funding institutions. The 5th COGAIN conference will focus on spreading the experiences of people using gaze interaction in their daily life to potential users and specialists who have yet to benefit from it. Case studies from researchers and manufacturers working on new ways of making gaze interaction available for all, as well as integrating eye gaze with other forms of communication technology are also particularly welcome. We also encourage papers and posters which reach beyond the special case of eye control for people with disabilities into mainstream human-computer interaction development, for instance using eye tracking technology to enhance gaming experience and strategic play.

Now in its 5th year, COGAIN (COmmunication by GAze INteraction) is a European Union funded research Network of Excellence, which comprises 25 universities, manufacturers and end-user organizations from across the European Union together with partners from across the globe. More information about the COGAIN network can be found at The 5th COGAIN conference will be hosted by the newly formed COGAIN Association ( and marks an important step towards making COGAIN a sustainable, independent organisation. This year we have chosen to collaborate with the Danish "Visiondays" ( where the COGAIN conference will act as a "forth Visionday".

COGAIN 2009 Call for Papers PDF


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The theme of the conference is "Gaze interaction for those who want it most".

The conference committee invites the submission of short papers particularly in the following areas, although submissions in any area related to gaze-based interaction will be considered.

  • Gaze-based access to computer applications
  • Gaze and environmental control
  • Gaze and personal mobility control
  • User experience studies
  • Innovations in eyetracking systems
  • Low cost gaze tracking systems
  • Attentive interfaces and inferring user intent from gaze
  • Gaze-based interaction with virtual worlds
  • Gaze and creativity
  • Gaming using gaze as an input modality
  • Gaze interaction with wearable displays
  • Using gaze with other modalities including BCI

Papers which deal with the use of eye gaze to study the usability of mainstream applications and websites are not normally considered for inclusion in the conference.

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COGAIN 2009 CFP VISIONDAY & COGAIN 2009 flyer PDF (including the program for all visiondays)


Registration, exhibition, demonstrations, coffee, and rolls


Session Chair: Bjarne Ersbøll


Welcome and introduction
Rector, Lars Pallesen, DTU


Eye guidance in natural behaviour
Benjamin W. Tatler, School of Psychology, University of Dundee, UK


Achievements and experiences in the course of COGAIN
Kari-Jouko Räihä, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Tampere


Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations


Session Chair: John Paulin Hansen


Joys and sorrows in communicating with gaze
Arne Lykke-Larsen, Department of Physics and Chemistry, University of Southern Denmark


Paper teasers
- a one-minute introduction to the 18 papers presented in the afternoon


Lunch, exhibition, demonstrations, posters

SESSION III, track 1: Gaze interactive users
(in parallel with Session III, track 2)

Session Chair: Howell Istance


Eye gaze assessment with a person having complex needs
Margret Buchholz & Eva Holmqvist


Performance Evaluation of a Low-Cost Gaze Tracker for Eye Typing
Maria Barrett, Henrik Skovsgaard & Javier San Agustin


Text Editing by Gaze: Static vs. Dynamic Menus
Päivi Majaranta, Niina Majaranta, Gintautas Daunys & Oleg Špakov


Selecting with pie menus
Mario H. Urbina, Maike Lorenz & Anke Huckauf


Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations, posters

SESSION III, track 2: Gaze interactive systems
(in parallel with Session III, track 1)

Session Chair: Benjamin Tatler


Environmental Control Application compliant with Cogain Guidelines
Razzak Faisal, Emiliano Castellina & Fulvio Corno


Home and environment control
Petr Novák, Pavel Moc, Olga Štepánková & Lenka Nováková


A gaze-and cortex-contingent mouse cursor
Michael Dorr, Christoph Rasche & Erhardt Barth


Optimizing the interoperability between a VOG and a EMG system
Mikel Ariz, Javier Navallas, Arantxa Villanueva, Javier San Agustin, Rafael Cabeza & Martin Tall


Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations, posters

SESSION IV, track 1: Gaze interactive users

(in parallel with Session IV, track 2)

Session Chair: Kari-Jouko Räihä


Gameplay experience in a gaze interaction game
Lennart Nacke, Sophie Stellmach, Dennis Sasse & Craig A. Lindley


Selecting commands in 3D game environments by gaze gestures
Stephen Vickers, Howell Istance & Aulikki Hyrskykari


GazeTrain: A case study of an action oriented gaze-controlled game
Lasse Farnung Laursen & Bjarne Ersbøll


Detecting Search and Rescue Targets in Moving Aerial Images using Eye-gaze
James Mardell, Mark Witkowski & Robert Spence


Feasibility Study for the use of Eye-Movements in Estimation of Answer Correctness
Minoru Nakayama & Yuko Hayashi

SESSION IV, track 2: Gaze interactive systems
(in parallel with Session IV, track 1)

Session Chair: Arantxa Villanueva


Eye Tracker Connectivity
Gintautas Daunys & Vytautas Vysniauskas


SW tool supporting customization of eye tracking algorithms
Petr Novák, & Olga Štepánková


Multimodal Gaze-Based Interaction
Sandra Trösterer & Jeronimo Dzaack


Gaze Visualization Trends and Techniques
Sophie Stellmach, Lennart Nacke, Raimund Dachselt & Craig A. Lindley


COGAIN2009 dinner at Brede Spisehus

(We will go to the restaurant by bus. However, you need to find your way back to your hotel on your own. There is a train station 50m from the restaurant and the train leaves every 20 min.)

Program for easy printing (html)

COGAIN 2009 CFP VISIONDAY & COGAIN 2009 flyer PDF (including the program for all visiondays)

See also a YouTube video from COGAIN 2009

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Eye tracking device manufacturers and developers are welcome to demonstrate their products. Each registered attendant will be granted a space to present and demonstrate free of charge. The only cost involved is thus an ordinary registration fee (it is possible to take advantage of the reduced cost by joining as a member). The exhibition will take place in the same location as coffee and lunch are served and where posters are presented.

If you are interested in demonstrating your product at the COGAIN 2009, and have questions, please contact Bjarne Ersbøll,

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Important dates

The following deadlines are necessary to ensure timely production of the conference deliverables.

Submission of Short Papers and posters (extended):6 March 2009
Notification of acceptance of Short Papers:15 April 2009
Camera ready copies of papers:30 April 2009
COGAIN Conference and exhibition:26 May 2009

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Submission of papers and posters

Authors are requested to submit their short papers using the COGAIN conference format:
Download the MS Word template (.doc)
Download the LaTeX template (class files packet, .zip)

The submitted short papers will be blind reviewed. A condition of acceptance is that at least one of the authors will attend the conference.

As a guide a short paper should be taken to mean about three pages of text (c. 1000 - 1500 words), plus supporting images/diagrams/tables. The text should be clear enough to allow reviewers to judge the potential of the paper’s suitability for COGAIN 2009. The official language of the conference will be English. The suitability of the paper will be judged by the reviewers on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Statements of main results obtained so far (need not be final results)
  • Clear identification of future research needs
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Technical soundness

The short paper should include in addition a cover page with: Title; All authors’ names (underline surname), affiliations, and addresses; Name of author to contact for correspondence; Email address and fax number of contact; Up to 5 keywords to describe the paper; Requirements for video presentation equipment.

Posters should be 1-page and submitted as Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat (pdf files). The final posters should have a height of 1.20 m and width of 0.9 m (dimensions in feet: 3.94 by 2.95). Each poster should be supplemented with a cover page similar to the format used for short papers. A one-page abstract of posters to be included in the conference proceedings should be submitted in the same format as the short papers.

Conference proceedings will be published in colour with an ISSN/ISBN number.

Authors are requested to email their paper to the conference chair:

John Paulin Hansen,
COGAIN 2009,
IT University of Copenhagen,
Rued Langgaards Vej 7,
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 72185061

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NOTE Icon: COGAIN 2009 Proceedings COGAIN2009-Proceedings.pdf PDF

Note! Photos from COGAIN 2009

See also a YouTube video from COGAIN 2009

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The conference venue is:

Building 308,
Richard Petersens Plads, DTU,
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Photo of the venue: DTU

The conference building has ramp access for handicapped. Handicap rest-room facilities are available in a nearby building.

How to get to DTU can be seen on this link:
The conference venue "308" is in the middle of the lower left part of the map.


Here is a travel planner for the public transportation system in greater Copenhagen. Generally, the busses/trains run at least every 20 min

A ticket is valid for the whole journey - both on trains and busses.

A summary of number of zones needed to travel between:

A Kastrup Airport
B Downtown Copenhagen (misc. hotels)
C Lyngby Station/Hotel Eremitagen
D Technical University of Denmark
E Hotel Fortunen
F Brede Spisehus


10-tour cards reduce the price of travel by about 50% (bought at stations (ticket-office or vending machine), kiosks, some shops etc.).
They come in 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,all -zone variants. If you "stamp" a 2-zone card twice it is valid for 4 zones (or for 2 zones for 2 persons).
You may mix cards: one "2-zone" stamp + one "3-zone" stamp = 5-zones So - consider at least a 10-tour "2-zone" or a 10-tour "3-zone" card.

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COGAIN 2009 Registration COGAIN 2009 Registration (closed)

Join The COGAIN Association and take immediate advantage of the reduced prices for members. See more at

COGAIN conference package for 26 May 2009
(registration, access to conference area, lectures and talks, poster viewing, exhibition viewing, conference bag, copy of conference proceedings, coffee and beverages, lunch, conference banquet):
Normal participants: 240 EUR
Member of The COGAIN Association: 200 EUR

Daytime only conference participation for 26 May 2009
(as above, but conference banquet not included):
Normal participants: 160 EUR
Member of The COGAIN Association: 135 EUR

COGAIN conference banquet only: 80 EUR

For participation in the Visiondays (27/5: Medical, 28/5: Industrial, 29/5: Graphical) please register separately on

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You are responsible for booking your own accommodation. Recommended hotels near the conference venue are listed below:

Hotel Fortunen BOOKED OUT
from EUR 80 / night (basic, few rooms)

Hotel Eremitagen
around EUR 150 / night (This hotel has rooms for people with disabilities.)

If the hotels above are full, staying in downtown Copenhagen and taking public transportation is not that bad.

Other recommended hotels in the Copenhagen area:

Ibsens Hotel
Vendersgade 23
1363 Copenhagen K
Telephone: +45 3313 1913

Ascot Hotel
Studiestræde 61
1554 Copenhagen V
Telephone: +45 3312 60 00

Hotel Phønix
Bredgade 37
1260 København K
Telephone: +45 33 95 95 00

Not-too-expensive downtown Copenhagen hotels:

DGI-BYENS HOTEL - (special offer 25.-29. May)



HOTEL DANMARK - (at 467 DKK 25.-29. May)






More expensive are:




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Conference committee

John Paulin Hansen, IT University of Copenhagen
Arantxa Villanueva, Public University of Navarre

Howell Istance (De Montfort University)
Olga Štěpánková (Czech Technical University)
Richard Bates, De Montfort University
Martin Böhme, The University Lübeck
Fulvio Corno, Politecnico di Torino
Gintautas Daunys, Siauliai University
Detlev Droege, University of Koblenz-Landau
Bjarne Ersbøll, Technical University of Denmark
Mick Donegan, ACE Centre Advisory Trust Ltd
Dan Witzner Hansen, IT University of Copenhagen
Aulikki Hyrskykari, University of Tampere
Poika Isokoski, University of Tampere
Markus Joos, Interactive Minds Dresden
Inger Kirk Jordansson, Danish Centre for Assistive Technology
Päivi Majaranta, University of Tampere
Minoru Nakayama, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Sebastian Pannasch, Technical University of Dresden
Kari-Jouko Räihä, University of Tampere
Fangmin Shi, Loughborough University
Oleg Špakov, University of Tampere


We hope to see you in Denmark!

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